Funeral Home Marketing

Here are some tips to better your funeral home marketing, drive more organic engagement with families and build a reliable brand. Fortunately, funeral home marketing doesn’t need to be a nightmare. When you participate in funeral home marketing in the vicinity of your community, you can double the effect by posting your efforts on social networking.

A Leading In Funeral Home Marketing

When it comes to funeral home marketing, most people probably visualize a pamphlet or free drinks etc.. on memorial day.  This is why so many funeral homes struggle with the transition to the online marketing world.  Most funeral home owners continue to use the same strategies that worked 20 years ago, mailers, pamphlets, and other ancient forms of marketing.

Even the businesses that understand that everything is going digital they use funeral home website platforms or old outdated technology and if they are lucky enough to have a website it looks as if it’s from the 90’s.  If any of this resembles your funeral home marketing approach you are not alone!  This day and age people think differently, search differently, and has created a price war with funeral homes.  We literally have witnessed it getting so extreme that some funeral homes have been fighting over losing money.  Pricing it so low that they actually were losing money and if you have the overhead to put all the other funeral homes under in your area then good for you but this isn’t typically the case.

Funeral Home Marketing Done Right

In order to market your funeral home correctly, you first need to analyze what you are doing wrong!  Are you still operating the same way you did 10 years ago?  Not all online marketing is equal.  For instance you should have a strong social media presence, conveying your message and condolensces to those you are helping!  Inform people of viewings, funeral services, and giving family and friends an opportunity to post kind thoughts and offering help to those who suffering with the loss of a loved one.  GMB (Google My Business) also known as maps marketing is another way to boost your funeral home revenue. 

This is important because most searches conducted are via a mobile device and maps show up prominently and high in the search results and has a high conversion rate and usually triggers a call, visit to your website, or someone stopping by your funeral home to discuss arrangements.

Organic (Website Marketing) also has it’s place.  Getting your website to rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines is important because you can focus your funeral home marketing to specific areas, cities, counties, or the entire state.  It’s also proven the more times a person see’s your brand the more likely they are to use your services.  So if they see you ranking in maps and below that your website they are more likely to hire you for your services.

The Funeral Home Marketing Pivot

It wasn’t very long ago that a traditional funeral service was very common.  Now we are seeing more and more people opting for cremation.  A lot of funeral homes are pivoting to focus on cremations hoping this will save their failing business model.  Let’s face it this isn’t a business that is going to just go away.  But what they don’t realize is it’s not the services they are providing. 

It’s the message, engagement, showing up when/where/how someone looking for your business finds you.  People have low attention spans and pamphlets use to work well with the previous generations we would remember you from a previous service.  Memorial day information boothes etc..

But people now days that just isn’t how it works, we have busier lifes, shorter attention spans, and so much going that people literally forget basic everyday things.  Point being they aren’t going to remember and when the time comes they are going to search online and check out your reviews and reputation as well as prices. 

When it comes to a lossed loved one nobody plans on the expense but the majority of us aren’t going to be okay with putting a loved one in a cheap pinebox (No offense to anyone who chooses that route) but we are already suffering and want them to be able to feel better about what just happened.  So it’s not necessarily a price problem it’s an exposure problem.  When they pull out the phone and search you need to be found for your chance to go to bat!

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