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Internet marketing can be full of nonsense and myths, fables, and sounds like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.  I see it all the time, someone puts out a press release or article and next thing you know you see gigs, offers, SEO agencies selling this new service as if it is a set in stone ranking factor.

Internet Marketing Myths Or Misconceptions


Let’s just jump right into internet marketing duplicate content.  Because Google is so vague about what is acceptable and whats not it creates confusion.

Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results. If your site suffers from duplicate content issues, and you don’t follow the advice listed above, we do a good job of choosing a version of the content to show in our search results.

Straight from Google about duplicate content


Internet Marketing And Your Business

Remember when if you did a great job that customer would tell their friends and neighbors?  You would get a couple referrals.  Thanks to online marketing they now tell the whole world!  Social Media can spread that same message at a much faster rate and acrossed a bigger area.  This can be extremely beneficial or devastating to your business.

These same principles apply to bad service.  A few years ago one of your employees messed up and you might land on the local news (Terrible, terrible, and could destroy your business).  Thanks to Internet marketing now everyone has the power to distribute their message by a click of a button.

Internet Marketing Success

To run a successful internet marketing campaign you need to provide a great service.  If you are struggling with employees and mishaps getting more exposure online isn’t for you, yet!  The rewards the internet can offer you will pay for itself time and time again.  The days of putting an A in front of your business name to rank in the phone book is over (I am glad, the whole AAAA Plumbing was ridiculous). 


Real Time Benefits

When you have your business in lock and you have great feedback and happy customers.  You are ready for internet marketing.  Having the ability for customers to see your reviews in real-time, what others are saying online will spread like wildfire and you will need to concentrate on growth to prevent negative feedback.

Focus on what you are good at!  Get honest, trustworthy, and reliable employees.  Continue to provide that remarkable service and reap all the reward that internet marketing has to offer.

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