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Electrician marketing ideas can seem overwhelming at times and you might be clueless on how to obtain more customers.  The good news is with our help we can drive more customers, more phone calls, and ultimately more income with our Electrician marketing strategies.

A Leader in Electrician Marketing

When it comes to electrician marketing your options aren’t limited and it seems everyone is an expert and claims to be the best, am I right?  But what makes them different than 14k Marketing?  Well, you are reading this for a reason and it isn’t because you accidentally stumbled upon our website.  It’s because of our marketing strategies and you reading this proves it works!

Best Electrician Marketing


The best electrician marketing isn’t always the most expensive!  While marketing isn’t cheap it doesn’t have to be over-priced or underperforming with our custom-tailored marketing strategies your electrical business is in good hands.

When it comes to electrician marketing ideas some of your best resources include Google maps, also known as Google My Business.  Also, organic rankings (your website showing up on Google) with Schemas such as review stars and rich snippets such as links under your website and other things that make it stand out and increase conversion.  Other directories such as Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List can be good resources in certain areas, however, keep in mind with these types of online marketing strategies you will continue to what we call pay to play.  Meaning each and every month you will continue to pay for clicks or phone calls and some of the time you will not see a return on your investment.

Using a better electrician marketing strategy you can leverage your own website to show up in Google for highly searched terms such as “replace electrical outlets”, electrician, electricians near me, and so much more.  While you will be paying monthly for online marketing your business will continue to grow and get more and more exposure.  Showing up for more means more revenue which you will continue to get a bigger return on investment.  With pay to play options your return on investment gets smaller and smaller because the prices go up and up when more electricians pay to play.

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