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The ultimate guide to plumber marketing the do’s and don’ts of SEO, websites, pay per click, and all forms of plumbing marketing including strategies and marketing ideas.  When it comes to plumbing marketing the very first step is to identify what your business needs and goals are.  So what is it you are trying to accomplish?  Keep your plumbers busy?  Increase revenue or boost profit?  Or all of the above?  Once you have established that then we can develop plumber marketing ideas and strategies based around your goals.


Plumber Digital Marketing

So the first step to a digital marketing campaign for a plumbing business is to ensure you have a website.  You may already have one?  Not, a problem!  A website isn’t going to drive customers on its own, you are going to need SEO.  Because a website without SEO is like a toilet without water it’s pretty much useless and it’s going to stink.  One of the biggest problems most plumbing companies struggle with is online marketing.  Don’t worry a lot of industries do!  It’s because it’s hard to understand!  That’s why we keep it simple here at 14k Marketing, you will feel the difference, hear the difference (phone ringing), and even see the difference (increased numbers).  

Plumber Marketing Ideas


When it comes to plumber marketing there are many things you should and shouldn’t be doing.  Billboards aren’t very effective for a plumbing company, as the business really is one of those things you typically need when you least expect it.  You can use billboards to drive brand awareness but generally isn’t very good at generating jobs.  Pay per click, also known as Google ads this does drive quick business but like most pay per play options, it becomes expensive quickly but still is a pretty good option for most businesses as long as they understand how it works.

Google My Business, is a great option for plumbers and combined with a great website and SEO it will drive a lot of customers with one of the highest returns on investments.  The main disadvantages of this approach to plumber marketing, it requires a lot of patience and generally a time frame of 3-6 months to see a return, however, this approach generally costs less in the long run vs pay per play options.  Also, it becomes cheaper and cheaper the longer you pay for it, this is because it generates more and more customers and the price generally stays the same.  Pay per play options generally is the opposite each month and the more plumbers using it the more expensive it becomes over time.

Plumber Facebook Marketing

While this option can generate business whether it’s paid or just consistently publishing content.  It generally can produce jobs but is considered a medium marketing channel vs Google being hot because the intent is different.   Google is hot because the person is generally searching for your business for a specific reason as Facebook generally is just the luck of the draw being in the right place at the right time or having a follower who sees a post when they need your services.  Thus it’s considered a medium marketing channel.

When considering a plumber marketing agency 

You should really discuss the marketing plan or strategy, talk to them on the phone, ask about support and time-frame.  What they believe is possible and how long it will take and how much a return or customers it will drive.  If you want to discuss your plumber marketing goals and want some plumber marketing ideas or to discuss some strategies shoot us an email and we would be happy to schedule up an appointment to help your business reach your goals and drive more customers and more.






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