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Law Firm Marketing

Because, law firm marketing is a unique industry.  We need to really focus our marketing efforts around specific categories.  Such as you specialize in personal injury, DUI, Criminal Defense, or other speciality.  Because Adwords or PPC (Pay Per Click) averages $200-300 per click in this industry the competition is rough!  We need to ensure we get as much exposure as possible including GMB (maps), organic SEO, and video marketing.  To gain as much exposure to the client conducting the search which means we need to target when, where, and how they are conducting the search.

Maps Marketing

Law firm marketing should be tailored for each practice area.  Being found in maps is an extremely important tactic.  Because, most searches are conducted on a mobile device not being found in maps is crucial!

Video Marketing

Another typically overlooked factor in law firm marketing is video marketing.  We aren’t saying YouTube is going to drive a ton of business but YouTube is the second largest search engine.  Also, Google as well as social media favors video content meaning they typically rank it and show it more prominently.  It also increase user engagement and lowers bounce rate.

Increase Revenue

You could be surprised to understand that almost 40% of all law firms don’t have a site! These days, nearly all the law companies have their own websites by which they promote their specialist services.  Don’t be left in the dark like the law firms that didn’t obtain a website early on!  Get a head start!

Higher Client Acquisition

There are certain considerations you must set in place for the best law firm SEO. At length, you have to perform citation construction and examine solicitation. Potential clients would like to study prospective attorneys and be sure that their attorney is competent in the practice area they desire, before they opt to hire you.

Be Found

Whether your potential clients are searching via a mobile device, YouTube, or a desktop search it’s important to be found when, where, and how they are searching.  We can help take care of this by strategizing a plan to boost your exposure across the internet.

Less Marketing Budget

Because you aren’t having to pay $200-300 per click to obtain a client you will be saving marketing dollars every month!  With the increase in exposure from other sources is going to still drive client acquisition.

You Can Focus On Your Clients

Your site needs excellent content and also to supply significant information regarding your practice areas, therefore a potential client can see whether their situation is something which you’re experienced with. Client support, Moving the surplus mile, and Care to detail aren’t positioning statements. Keep your data current and ensure you’re talking to the clients you would like, not the harder to deal with clients.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

The region of advertising has changed dramatically over the past ten decades. Search engine advertising strategies tend to be badly executed in case the strategy doesn’t fit the law firm’s budget. Create a marketing program and budget to concentrate your actions and help you stay away from random acts of marketing.  Don’t worry!  We will do the heavy lifting and strategize a plan based on your budget and ensure to get you maximum exposure!

Law Firm Marketing Options

Law Firm Maps

Starting @$375/MO

Law Firm Marketing Organic SEO

Starting @ $799/MO

Video Marketing

Starting @ $499/MO

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