Which marketing option is the best?

Acquire More Customers With Marketing

The main benefit of marketing isn’t to just build your brand and acquire more exposure.  Let’s face it these things are important but should be viewed as a added benefit of marketing.  We all want more customers or clients in a world of clicks, page one guarantees, page views, and impressions these are all indicators and shouldn’t be confused with true performance.  Real marketing performance is growth, customer acquisition, and ROI (return on investment).  Impressions and clicks are good indicators we can calculate conversion and see where adjustments are needed to increase CTR (Click Through Rate) and way to convert those into more clients or customers.

Is Marketing Worth It?

When you have your business in lock and you have great feedback and happy customers.  You are ready for internet marketing.  Having the ability for customers to see your reviews in real-time, what others are saying online will spread like wildfire and you will need to concentrate on growth to prevent negative feedback.

Online Marketing?

Remember when if you did a great job that customer would tell their friends and neighbors?  Thanks to online marketing they now tell the whole world!  Social Media can spread that same message at a much faster rate and acrossed a bigger area.  This can be extremely beneficial or devastating to your business.

Maps Marketing?

With people intensely sucked into their own virtual worlds people rely on their smart phones for everything from recipes, driving directions, ratings, and Everything!  A customer needs to hire someone they can trust where do they turn?  Google and they only show 3 businesses on the front page.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means the habit of upsurging the top caliber and amount of stream of visitors to your website thru organic search engine benefits. Search it is the practice of assisting the significant search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to understand that your site has what people are looking fro.

If You Haven’t Invested In The Following Marketing You Should!

Video marketing will keep growing as customers continue to spend an increasing number of time watching videos online. It’s among the best techniques you can use to improve your company. The wonderful thing about video marketing is the fact that it’s highly iterative. Undoubtedly, it’s among the newest additions to your promotion toolbox. Article marketing using a hyperlink to the movie may also be a great method to acquire adequate page rankings on search engines.

Why is organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) overwhelmingly sought out?  PPC (Adwords) has proven internet marketing works!

But organic SEO unlike Adwords isn’t going to go up based on how many people are paying to play.  Also, when you rank organically you don’t have the AD marked next to your website.  A lot of people scroll past ads thus your client acquisition goes up.

Local SEO can be very beneficial to any local business.  With the ability to show up when a potential customer/client conducts a specific search term on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.  If you don’t show up when a customer is looking for your specific business in your area then you don’t even get a chance to swing the bat local SEO gives you the ability to acquire MORE local customers.

There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019 and growing.  Being found is only part of the maps marketing puzzle if you are only marketing the top searched terms that’s NOT ENOUGH!  The most searched terms online are “adult related” that isn’t going to do anything for your business!  Want more revenue, customers, and sales?  Then you need to show up when, where, and exactly for what your customers are searching for.

Everywhere you look online, entrepreneurs and company owners receive precisely the same bit of information. White hat approaches include services which follow the rules and be sure that the content a motor indicators is going to be the exact same as seen by the user and is readily available. SEO support is an online marketing strategy that gives presence to a website. Therefore, SEO services are often quite profitable and effective for a site based on the aims of the site operator and the selection of research.

More Customers, More Revenue!

More Customers

You can have the greatest service or product in the world but if nobody knows about it then you won’t succeed.  That’s where 14k Marketing can help!  We will get you the exposure and in return the customers will follow.  With many marketing options including local SEO, Online Marketing, Maps Marketing, and more.


With more exposure we will also focus on branding which will help people distinguish your brand from your competitors and thus creating a trust and customers who trust you buy from you.  Which in return will increase your revenue.

Increases Sales

With more exposure and branding will help create your brand as an authority and trust between you and your client/customers and in return you will have a boost in sales and revenue.

Check Mate!

No Contract Marketing Options!

We have seen the rise and fall of contracts in almost all aspects of our lives.  Cellphones at one point could only get one with a credit check and a long-term contract and in return we had spotty cellphone service, dropped calls, and paid for roaming.  Those days are over and have you noticed how the cellphone companies have better reception?  Less roaming?  and most of them with no contract?  Because the psychology behind a contract changes the service providers mindset we can provide crappy service, horrible coverage, and they can’t cancel!  If this sounds like your previous marketing company then you have come to the right place!  We don’t make you sign a long-term commitment we know that when you are happy and your business grows why would you turn it off?  

Ready To Increase Revenue & Take A New Marketing Journey?

Say NO! to a long-term contract.  What’s our guarantee?  We aren’t going to lie to you and guarantee first page results, most of them are full of loop holes and ridiculous terms.  If everyone guarantees front page results how could everyone possibly rank on the first page?  There is only 10 businesses on the first page.  We will work hard and do everything in our power to ensure you get a really nice return on investment!

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