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Website Design

Here at 14k Marketing we are passionate about creating a professional, functional, secure, mobile friendly, and SEO capable website design that will reward you for years to come.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

With Google’s mobile-first aka mobile only index meaning that your desktop version of your website never hits Google’s search results.  All of our designs are responsive meaning the website design changes based on the device looking at your website.  So Google is going to index your site and users aren’t going to have a hard time viewing your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Since we specialize search engine optimization we base your website design off of not only looking incredible but being capable of ranking and having all the bells and whistles that not only rank better on Google but also increases client acquisition and conversion which ultimately increases your revenue.

A Million Reasons To Have Us Design Your Website

Okay, Okay, not quite a million….

Responsive Designs (mobile-friendly)

It’s frustrating to see businesses come to us for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and their brand new website wasn’t designed to be mobile friendly.  Have you ever visited a website on your phone and noticed you have to enlarge the text?  Or scroll left and right?  That’s because the website isn’t mobile friendly and is frustrating to the potential customer.  Which is why Google started only indexing mobile friendly websites.

Better Google/Bing Ranking

Since we our designing your website we ensure your site structure, permalinks (you know after your domain /thispage/etc.) to ensure they are SEO friendly.

As well as your content will be focused, useful, and optimized correctly out the door!

Speed Optimization

Google rolled out the “Speed Update” the last thing you want is a really slow user experience because you wont rank!

We do our best to ensure your website design will load quickly (things like videos, chat, etc.. can affect the speed of any website) but we still make sure we compress, optimize, and do everything in our power to speed up your website.

WordPress (Should We Say More?)

Not only is WordPress functional and user friendly it’s also the most popular CMS around the globe and is used by nearly 75 million websites.  Not to mention all the functionality and SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities.



When it comes to security our website design team only uses secure computers only used for website design purposes.  You won’t get a Malware infected website right out the door (This happens more than you think we have lots of customers have us re-design their website due to the previous company infecting the server with Malware).


Most website designers charge extra for content (the articles & words) on your website.  We include it!  Because you can’t have an SEO friendly website without optimized content.

Clean, Responsive, Fast, Mobile-Friendly Website Designs

If your website appears it was built in the 1990’s it’s time for an update!  Not mobile-friendly?  Then you aren’t ranking on Google!  It’s time for a new beginning, your website is your first line of contact with most customers.  Your website should represent your brand/business and appear as professional as your company.  If you are looking for Utah Web Design then look no further!


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No Worries!

Website Design Wins Again!

The top benefits of having a great website design.

  • More Traffic
  • Lower Bounce Rate (People leaving your website before it loads)
  • Faster Load Time
  • Better SEO
  • Increased Conversion
  • Less Maintenance

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